By Maharshi Premananda
of East Pakistan Gita Bharati Mission, Po. Hatia, Dist - Noakhali

(Published in 'ROSICRUCIAN DIGEST', the official magazine of the world wide Rosicrucian order - AMORC, Sanjose, California, U.S.A. VOL - XXXV February- 1957 No. -2)

Anarchy is prevailing over a region of thought to the modern world. Material sentiments of the present day people have developed ruinous propensities in the human mind. Nowadays each individual can do unhesitatingly anything for his material gain. Today's humanitarian thinkers of the world are trying their best to establish world peace. But their attempts are directed through political channels only. They are ignoring the mind power which is the real abode of peace. There can be no attainment of peace before every individual mind is pacified. This fundamental formula has been preached from time to time by great world teachers. The blessings of God (peace and happiness of every sort) can be received only in the pure heart. It is only the pure mind which keeps the heart pure. The mind with its wordly clamours spoils the serenity of the heart. The Holy Bible says- "Blessed are the pure in heart."

All revered world teachers, whose footprints we are following, preached a similar note to humanity. They preached love-love free from desire. Only such can do away with the evil tendencies of life. Purging of vileness brings the sublimity of mind which symbolizes purity. This purity is divinity the Godhood which sustains peace in life. Love for one's self develops love for the world. The Holy Bible teaches-"Love thy neighbour as thyself."

The love for self means that one cannot do anything by thought, deed or word which produces any vileness in life. Life always remains lofty-close to Godhood. One can control the human sensual frailties like a brave warrior and can enjoy all the blessings of life. One naturally learns to love others while loving himself. After conquering his own self, man then can conquer the whole world. The life of Jesus has undoubtedly established a living precept of the spirit of love-free from all desires. The life being free from a sense governed ego comes under the direct guidance of soul, whose function is to maintain the perpetual purity of life. When the sensual mind alienates itself, the subtle or sublime mind plays only with aspiration to worldly benefits. One's pacified mind is then likely to receive peace and to see it every where.

The axiom is, that which we offer we in turn get as a favour,Often we find this principle in temples, symbolically expressed. The food or drink which we offer in temples in the name of God, we get to take back. Nothing more or less or worse than that comes to us. this is the symbol of living activity. We are not masters of our lives though we are architects of our fates. We are simply tools in the hands of the Supreme.

God has given us conscience, one of the supreme mental faculties, to regulate our activities as men. Our bodies are also temples-the "temples of the living God", where our thoughts, words, and actions are being automatically offered to him. The spiritual perception relates that our individual soul is akin to cosmic soul in relation to its qualities, virtues, and wisdom. It is the finite luminous form of the infinite residing within every form of the Universe as the model for worship. The materially engrossed mind fails to perceive this spiritual baptism.

The ethereal space within the body is interrelated with the space outside. Science has established the fact that thoughts generate waves within, which coming out of the body unite with the space outside. Fickle thoughts arising out of fickle minds destroy the serenity of life. To get bliss, one should first practice the restraint of thought, that is, the control over mind. If an individual wants welfare in life, he should create thoughts of welfare first which will make his heart pure so that the blessings may be left.

Light or energy is the first creation of the Supreme from which the universe has evolved. A few thousand years back the Upanishad Taittiriya said - "The electricity is energy."

Gita also says that this infinite creation is from energy-meaning light or electricity. The present day scientists too have established that things are nothing out evolved electricity and this power of electricity propels everything in the universe. This energy manifests itself subtly in the form of waves. Mind conducts man when man is not soulful. Then, what is mind? Its existence is felf but it is not a limb of the body. Philosophy says that mind is born of the trembling of soul. As originally the trembling of the cosmic soul of the supreme generated waves with a desire for creation in other, so the similar types of waves are always generating in the ethereal space of the body. Being born of divinity everything is naturally divine and impregnated with similar divine virtues. therefore, the mind can be explained as the manifestation of aggregate waves generated in the ethereal space of the body.

Generally the mind has two sections; (a) sensual or fickle mind, the gross mind, full of earthly desires; (b) the soulful mind, the mind impregnated with spiritual knowledge. Here the mind is always sublime-that is, the soul governs the human life.

There is another level of mind called subconscious. This correlates with the sublime-level. The fickle or the gross is governed by lower levels. The fickle or the gross is governed by lower levels. Short waves generate in the gross mind due to its fickleness; whereas, long waves generate in the sublime mind governed by the virtues of the soul. Contrariness to soulful qualities expresses animal qualities. The human body is active and alive owing to the function of the electromagnetic power above and that of gravitation below. The function of humanity is to retain the maximum connection with the ethereal space above by insulating the gravitation as far practicable. The sensual mind has a downward tendency, causing the power of gravitation to predominate. Such a mind gives birth to all earthly vices.

With the subduing of sensuality, the soulful man is then able to retain the maximum connection with the infinite ethereal space above, where in accord with the supreme Will the long waves are always generating for the good of the universe. The greater the sensuality, the higher the increase of the short waves within men. These expressions passing out of the body agitate the elctronic sphere in other just as they agitated the ethereal space of the body. When this agitation disturbs or goes against the free play of electrons conducted by natural laws, it produces a lethal effect. Scientists have established the wave theory, but till now they have not been able to speak definitely of the effects of waves in relation to their lenths.

"Man is born to build but not to destroy." Building in the way of evolution is the virtue of humanity, Retrogradation must be the effect of vile thoughts. In history we find that so long as a nation advanced with a good will and a constructive mission it flourished, but whenever the idea to hurt others developed, the course of destruction fell upon it. Is this not the effect of thought which acts on self? When nature's beneficial free play is disturbed by the corruptive thoughts of man, it must retaliate. The Holy koran says-"Corruption doth appear on land and sea because of (the evi-1) which men's hands have done,that He may make then to taste a part of that, which they have done....(Sura-XXX, the Romans-41)."

Nature is the grosser level of the silent Supreme with its own law to move. The scientists say that a characteristic of the wave (before it disappears) is its return to the place of origin after circumbulating the infinite ethereal space.Therefore, the wave generated out of human thought gets similar end. If the wave generated by the human thoughts conforms to the wave which is naturally and freely generating in ether for the welfare of the universe, it produces no counter agitation which can bring any evil during circumambulation.

Scientists say that waves at whatever length they may generate must have some definite end. If the light, the sound, and all other waves produce effects, why would thought waves fail? So the wave which the human thought generates must produce an effect corresponding to its nature. Thus man is paid back with his own coin.

The world experienced 608 natural disasters of different forms in various places in a single year, 1955. If the waves theory is correct, then the rapacious human thoughts of today stand as a foremost reason for the frequency of these natural calamites. The scientists reason that these disasters are the results of explosion of thermonuclear weapons. But they are not paying attention to the fundamental cause of this type of explosion. Man originally thought destructively; therefore, destructionin various forms is manifesting in mass.

The discovery of nuclear energy and other miracles of the day certainly is the gift of wisdom in the progress of time. But this wisdom is often misdirected. It is bringing pain instead of peace. Everywhere men are passing through very difficult days. Who is responsible for this?

The answer should be that the responsibility lies with the present human race clothed in the luxury of carnal joys. They have given up the serenity of mind and have lost the purity of heart which has deprived them of receiving blessing. Baneful, inharmonious thinking has ravaged the spiritual integrity of man. Scientists, together with political thinkers share today the major part of responsibility for the safety of civilization and the establishment of peace. They should explain before the world the horrifying side of the wave theory as it relates to psychology. If the scientific activities are not spiritualized by making the mind free from nefarious thoughts, destruction cannot be averted. The ignominy of thought has made living impudent and the heart impure. In such conditions blessings in no way can be expected. It has been proved in the hearts of saints that "Blessed are the pure in heart". This must be correct for the human race as a whole. Peace is sure to remain beyond reach until the mental plane becomes elevated.